Hot Dirtyroulette Girls For You Personal Loan Personal Loan: How to request it?

Personal Loan: How to request it?

The main advantages of the Best Bank loan

The main advantages of the Capitalmo loan

The Best Bank loan is an online loan that offers many benefits to those who need it and make it one of the most interesting solutions for the customer. The strengths of the loan are:

  • flexibility
  • Convenience
  • insurance

During the request phase you will have the support of a dedicated consultant who will help the customer for free.
In addition, Best Bank has thought of a mobile solution (dedicated App) in order to always keep its Best Bank financing under control, always guaranteeing maximum security through the protection of solid and certified data.

Best Bank loan flexibility

The Best Bank loan is widely adaptable to the customer’s needs, in fact it is possible to customize the financing according to your needs, being able to spend the amount as you prefer without justifying the expense; it is possible to choose an amount from 3,000 to 30,000 USD having the possibility to choose the repayment period in a span of time between 12 and 84 months.

It is also possible to freely manage the installments, being able to skip them up to 3 times and reduce the amount up to 2 times, without incurring any additional costs.

Convenience and interest rates Tan and APR

By choosing the Orange Current Account as the debit account, the installments referred to the Best Bank Orange loan will be lighter since you will have the opportunity to have a discount on the TAN equal to or, 50%.

If you do not already have an Orange Current Account, you have the option to open it immediately after completing the request. All this makes it more than convenient.

The convenience increases because the Best Bank loan can be defined as “without surprises”: in fact there is no additional expense regarding the opening and management of the file, the annual stamp duty and severance pay, the early repayment (total or partial it is).

The optional insurance

Upon signing the loan you can choose to protect yourself with the optional Orange Loan Protection insurance. The amount of the premium that is included in the monthly installment will be immediately clear and the insurance will protect the customer from the following risks:

  • Involuntary loss of work, accident or hospitalization: the insurance will pay the missing installments, including an extra 500 USD
  • Pecesso or permanent total disability: the insurance will pay the installments until the loan is fully extinguished

How to request it

How to request it

It takes very little to apply for the Best Bank loan! You must fill in the estimate and upload the necessary documentation online. At this point the Best Bank team will evaluate the request in a very short time. After sending the documents online, you will only need to send the original copy of the signed Application Form.
The outcome of the request will come by phone or email.
Once Best Bank has received the original of the Application Form, if the request has been approved, the sum will be credited in a short time to the current account previously indicated by the customer.

Documents required to apply for the personal loan Best Bank

Documents required to apply for the personal loan Capitalmo

To apply for funding, very few documents are needed:

  • The tax code
  • The identity document
  • The Iban of your bank account

The site provides the customer with the information documents relating to the contractual rules, the basic European information on Credit to Consumers, the features of the Protect Loan policy and various attachments relating to news relating to Best Bank as an intermediary.

Example of calculation / estimate of 10,000 USD

Example of calculation / estimate of 10,000 USD

Mr. Bianchi asks Best Bank for a quote relating to a hypothetical loan of $ 10,000.00, to be repaid in 45 installments and without any type of insurance. This will result in a situation like:

  • Amount requested: $ 10,000.00
  • Installments number: 45
  • Installment amount: $ 267.16
  • Total amount due: $ 12,047.20
  • TAN: 9.95% APR: 10.57%

Remember that by taking out an Best Bank loan you get a discount on the TAN of 0.50% .


In conclusion we can say that Best Bank is a company that aims to be on the customer’s side, offering ever more advantageous, modern and dynamic loan solutions.

In addition, clarity is the basis of every contract, in fact the Ing consultants work by making any useful information available to customers. The imaginary barrier between the bank and the customer is thus eliminated, being able to take out a loan directly from home, thus creating a family environment.