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Loan for the unemployed over 20 offers without a job

Unemployment in 2019 is relatively small, but like every country, we are also striving to reduce this number even further. Due to the fact that there is a group of people who do not have permanent employment, they are looking for an additional injection of cash. These can be loans for the unemployed, installment loans or payday loans. Many money lending companies accept customers without employment, but they must meet additional conditions. An unemployment loan is available. Check who gives.

Loan for the unemployed – here is your chance

Loan for the unemployed - here is your chance

None of us want to lose our jobs. There is really no good time to fire employees, and even worse when our health does not allow us to work. With no savings, we lack cash for basic groceries. Before we find a new job, it can take a long time, that ‘s why unemployed people come to the rescue , whose main advantages are:

  • offers available via the Internet, by phone or with pickup at the post office ;
  • initial decision even a few minutes after submitting the application,
  • you don’t need a guarantor for most offers;
  • loan refinancing option;
  • without verification in BIK;
  • many sources are acceptable (e.g. disability, retirement, social benefits)

Loan without a job – conditions to be met

Loan without a job - conditions to be met

Loan offers for the unemployed are mainly targeted at people without a job , but with a different source of funding that the lender will accept. The lenders, seeing in the applications that many people tick the “unemployed” box, have decided to prepare their product also for these people. Earlier this was not possible, because no one wanted to take such a high risk on themselves in the form of an unemployed customer who would not have to repay the installments. Nowadays, there are many companies that give loans to the unemployed.

To get a loan without a job you must meet the basic conditions: age – minimum 18 years (preferably 21), residence – you must have a registered address , documents – current ID card, other requirements : a valid phone number, sometimes you must have email and bank account. There may be more basic conditions, but it all depends on the company with which you apply. We listed the most important ones, without which there is no chance for credit.

Loans for the indebted and the unemployed

Loans for the indebted and the unemployed

Do people in debt without work have a chance for a loan? Yes of course. Loans for indebted and unemployed people are available, but as we mentioned earlier – you need additional sources of income. These include:

  • social or family benefits;
  • money from the 500 plus program;
  • unemployment benefit;
  • maintenance;
  • income from odd jobs

One of the worst situations is when we have debts and lose our jobs. Then it seems to us that we have no choice but to save ourselves with private loans for those in debt . Many people can’t handle it, but let’s not lose hope. There are companies for which the fact that we have no work and our debts do not matter. We can take out a loan against the apartment or car. This is one way to increase your home budget.

Loan for the unemployed and alimony

Loan for the unemployed and alimony

Alimony is accepted by many companies that grant loans or loans to the unemployed, as an additional source of income. The amount we receive from maintenance should be entered in the loan application by selecting the appropriate field. The maintenance loan is very popular due to the fact that it is a source that a bailiff cannot take.

However, when you take out a loan for unemployed people with maintenance, you should be very careful. We need to make sure that the conditions of the given company suit us. Is the repayment period large enough and is the loan amount we have chosen not too big? Because the larger the amount, the larger the installment. Before a loan, we should calculate our revenues and expenses. Are we able to save from what we have for the loan installment.

Sudden job loss – what should I do with the loan?

Sudden job loss - what should I do with the loan?

If we have been dismissed from work or because of a sudden random situation, we have lost our full capacity to work, and we also have an approaching loan repayment deadline behind us, we must be very careful. It is worth protecting yourself in such situations by buying additional insurance against accidents or diseases. Thanks to this, if we are unable to pay back the loan, the insurance company will do it for us. You can find out more about the details of the insurance offer for an unemployed loan directly from the lender.

It is also worth having savings. Few of us have them, because we usually live “from the first to the first”, but we should have a few pennies set aside in case of emergency, unplanned situations. Having savings, we live better because we do not have to burden the costs of our loved ones. There are many guides on the Internet on how to save money, even if we think we have nothing to do with it.