Two elements in each and every website make it popular or otherwise. One is the content. It has to be regularly updated and the content should be interesting to the target audience. Another factor that plays a great role in making websites likeable is the website design. The design of the website determines how easy it is to get to the website and stay there. You have to choose a very knowledgeable for sem Singapore to promote your website so that your site brings you the expected results. There are a few features that every site must have and there are some features that no site should have. Below, we see some of the good and bad design features for a website.According to very knowledgeable sem agency in Singapore, website should have moderate sized fonts. A colorful background might look good in some cases. But ensure that it does not reduce the readability of content on the screen. In a good design, the background color should not hinder the content. Neutral background colors are often preferred in a professional site. The design should be consistent across the website. Navigation elements should be easy to locate. There should be a link to the home page across the site. If there are links within the body of the page, they should be underlined so that the user will know the presence of a link. Use of photos, videos and graphics will make the site more interesting to the user. But too much graphics and animation will defeat the purpose.

Here are few design features


The very knowledgeable at sem Singapore will suggest that there are design features that will add value to the site, there are some features which will certainly act as traffic killers. You should avoid using heavy components and designs that will make the page load slowly. Complex navigation is a strict no. The font size used in the website should be consistent across the pages and should not be too small or too big. The content in the page should be fitted so that horizontal scrolling is not necessary. If there is a link, you can make it stand out by underlining it. If you want to include animation in your page, make sure that it can be turned off as longer animations will distract readers from the page. Blinking or jumping text should be avoided on most scenarios. Page titles that do not give an understanding of what the page will bring to the user should be avoided for sure.

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