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Car finance – leasing or credit – Car Loans

Financing a new car is often not an easy decision, although in most cases it is simply a necessary decision, since hardly anyone has the purchase price in cash, at least if it is a new car. At the moment, a particularly large number of people are interested in vehicle leasing and are asking themselves whether it would not be cheaper to lease the car than to finance it in the conventional way. see for further notes

Lease new cars

Basically, it is not really clear why leasing is so popular – maybe because you have heard somewhere that leasing has tax advantages? This does not apply to the average consumer, ie employees.

In addition, the leasing rate is much more opaque than, for example, a credit rate, which simply consists of the repayment portion and interest plus any ancillary loan costs. It is correspondingly complicated for the buyer or lessee to see through or compare the pricing policy of the dealers: the most varied types of leasing, the amount of the down payment, the duration of the term and the agreement on returning the car at the end of the term make it difficult to see through.

Car loan from the bank

Car loan from the bank

In principle, taking out a car loan or simply a personal loan is not rocket science – borrowers should bear in mind that Schufa information is obtained when applying for a loan and that Schufa entry is also made when a loan is paid out, at least if you contact a Careline Bank.

The advantage of a bank loan for car financing is that you can negotiate a more or less large discount with the dealer if you can pay the purchase price in cash or with external financing. In principle, the applicant’s creditworthiness decides whether a loan approval is granted or not: in order to assess the creditworthiness, the bank carries out a household cost calculation (expenditure minus income).

Dealer financing in the car dealership

Dealer financing in the car dealership

It can also be cheaper to take out financing directly from the car dealer, since the interest rates there are often significantly lower than at the banks, and sometimes even as low as 0 percent. The buyer must of course pay attention to the effective interest rate, and not just the nominal interest rate.

Above all, dealer financing makes the various options that customers can take advantage of and are basically reminiscent of leasing terms, making it possible for the buyer to decide on the whereabouts of the car only at the end of the term; return, own use or resale is possible.